Exporting construction materials from Peru to Connecticut

How to start a Roof Shingles import-export Business in America


The United States customs system was the most powerful and authoritative entity in America when it first started In the 1700s. At that time, it was responsible for collecting more Money than any other single entity of its time including the IRS. A lot has changed since then but a lot of the rules for import and export and especially for construction materials are still the same.

Here in Peru we have a connection with the IKO. This is one of the biggest manufacturer of roofing materials in the world. They handle a huge percentage of the roof shingles that get exported out of Peru and imported into countries like Canada as well as a lot of times into Europe.  Along with the usual challenges that all export and imports face, being one the time it takes for the goods to come in and 2, at the competitive pricing of the goods in relation to the quantity.

Challenges We Face Exporting Heavy Materials

Exporting roofing goods have one more factor that is built in which is the wait. We are talking about tons of heavy material being needed to be shipped in a fast time without costing more than competitors. Another problem that comes inherent in the industry is the Seasonal Business. A gift from Peru we try to make sure that these factors get the best of our service and each of the tables are taken into consideration before we accept an order. Due to these reasons we like to work with select contractors one understand the challenges in our industry and have the patience and expectations set to their clients so their are no frustrations. One of our good roofing contractors that we work with often is located in Connecticut, you can contact him for the extra supply. This is partly due to the personality of the contractor but also there’s a few factors that make a decision to work out well. One of those factors is the location of his business, Since it is not too far from the Port in Connecticut – We are able to ship the goods which then can be transported out of the dock withinEight hours time. Communication is everything in this form of business and we wish you luck to anybody who does not want to let everybody be on the same page at all times.

When people ask me about America and the way things working here I often tell them that there is the good and the bad. A lot of people don’t realize that when they’re coming up to America to working construction feels that a lot of the money came may be good but a lot of the work and the way to do business here can be hectic. For one thing, America runs on rules. Since the culture is quite chaotic and there’s no expectation of common sense everything has to go to a law abiding platform. One good example is that if you are seeing talent abroad in another country for example there is a lot of people in India who is very good at breaking bricks.That master the craft and they’re able to architect the building structure in a way that is not really done with their hands in America. Though the tools and machinery allow us to Build large sites and roofing jobs in a matter of a few days in United States a lot of the work in places like India have a higher level of.Craftsmanship and quality you to the level of attention they put him in their work This brings up a few concerns because we do not want to be growing faster and faster ever been a country where everything is just meet for speed and slowly start to ignore quality. Most materials exported from Peru had coming to America are started with shingles, These are one the materials that are brought in by shipments by the dozen.

We could create responsibility in our service as well as the condition of the materials, From the time at least through week make sure that it is getting to America in a timely manner and way before our promise deadline. For those of you who are located in Connecticut, Rest assured that contractors will get your shingles in time if you order it from us.