Online Marketing Exchange between Peru and America


Exporting Software from Peru

Lately there has been a lot of activities going on in the United States which requires attention of lot people around the world. For example trade has almost stop in certain countries that used to regularly send goats back and forth from usa. One of these countries is Peru.

There was a time we should send a lot of gifts that are filled in Peru, manufacture them and then export it to America. However this is not possible in today’s world anymore because of Mr. Trump.

It is 2017 and I am sad to say that we will no longer be shipping or goods to United States. Until our system or time comes when Mr. Trump has taken away the laws he has put in place.

These laws are not going to help them, in the long run their own country will suffer.

We are the software guys from Peru, a company that has been providing value to Americans in all 50 states for three decades. This is not very well known due to the nature of our business. We tend to deliver high quality tools to big companies that use it to gain leverage from their competitors.

Now, I am not complaining that this is not possible anymore. Because the realities that we can send anything over the Internet. But it breaks my heart to know that other people who used to offer similar levels of value is not going to be able to do that anymore just because there aren’t the physical Side of exporting and importing.

Also, a lot of Peruvians who used to be virtual assistance for companies in United States hope that after years of providing supreme work, they would one-day be granted the fees of permission to travel to United States and start a higher level of life. However such activities I’m not possible anymore, at least not until the current president is stepping off the throne.

In the end, I still have hope that the organization that represents Peru and America will make a better decision.

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